net computer

net computer

one kind of network terminal machine without CPU,Hard Disk,and Memory


Net computer is the new-generated single-computer with multi-user product,which can deduce the enterprise computer equipment total investment cost by enjoying the software,hardware and all external euipment sources with host computer through internet connection.
Each station can realise such internet application as surging on the internet, playing network games, ASP, Instant Messenger, Private E-mail and so on by adding 1 monitor,1 terminal machine,1 keyboard and 1 mouse. Also windows application software like office series software, half-multi-media software can be used. So without using complex and expensive standard computer,you can save a lot.
It can be widely used in enterprice office work, Real Estate Agents, call centres, training & teaching, demo center, hotel, ERP management, electronic reading rooms, coffee shops, Households Internet, industrial controls, and so on.
1. Deduce the software and hardware cost a lot! One host computer can serve 32 people to use at the same time!
2. Easy installation!
3. Easy maintenance! No need to update and convenient to manage!
4. Comprehensive function and high safety!
5. No noise, low power energy,small space,and environment protection!
6. Portable and remote visit supported!


Product Origin: China
Model Number: CH-NC120
Brand Name: CH-NC

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